This is an agreement between breeder/seller Middlebranch Labs/Jim Engebretson and buyer of said puppy.  The litter
born ______________________ ; born to __________________ Sire, and   ________________ Dam are the
puppies covered under this contract.  The guarantee is in effect for the original purchaser only as follows.

The buyer has a three day period to return the puppy for a full refund, minus deposit.  
No questions asked. We don't
want our puppies to be where people realize they have made an impulse purchase or a sudden major change in their lives
has occurred and they are unable to properly care for a puppy.

If within a fifteen day time period from date of purchase the buyer's veterinarian determines that the puppy has a genetic
or otherwise debilitating health condition the buyer may return the puppy for a full refund, deposit included.  Buyer must
provide written documentation from the vet as proof of condition.  This must be done at the buyers expense.  This and
any further veterinary services will be at the new owners expense.  We reserve the right to have our veterinarian exam the
puppy and provide a final diagnosis.

There are no known health problems or diseases present in the parents nor in their families to our knowledge.  We certify
that each puppy is in excellent health at the time of purchase.  If your puppy fails a CERF (Canine Eye Registry
Foundation) exam, or receives an OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) rating less than "fair" in one or both hips
before 27 months of age, puppy will be replaced with a similar puppy
when available, provided the dog has not been
bred or sired a litter
..  If buyer chooses to keep their puppy, proof of spay or neuter must be provided.  Seller will not be
liable for any veterinary or other expenses incurred after ownership is transferred to buyer.  We reserve the right to have
said puppy examined by our veterinarian, at our expense and any diagnosis by them is final.  Because we have no control
over environment, care, and training of the puppy once it leaves our possession, no warranty can be made to cover the
puppy's disposition or fitness for show, breeding, or hunting purposes.  

Your puppy has had it's dewclaws removed at 3-4 days of age.  First shots were given by current protocol.  Puppies
have also been wormed at 2, 4, 6 weeks.  A record is provided stating which medications were given and on what day.  
Buyer is responsible for booster shots and other veterinary care required for puppy.  Your puppy has been played with,
socialized, and exposed to new stimuli regularly.  Full registration is given for all puppies purchased for full asking price.  
New owner is free to spay or neuter their puppy if that is their choice.  *
Neutering or spaying your dog before
physical maturity may increase the risk of joint health problems.*  New research indicates a link between
early neutering/spaying and certain joint disorders.
We recommend that you locate a veterinarian and make an
appointment for your new puppy before you finalize your purchase..

If you find at any time in the future, you would have to give up your pup, we ask that you return the pup to us.  We will
make every attempt to place the pup in a loving, working home.  We do not want our dogs to end up in abusive
environments or shelter situations.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns regarding your puppy.  
Jim Engebretson, Argonne, Wisconsin, 1-715-902-1363, middlebranchlabs25@gmail.com
This family's feelings are the reason we give our dogs' health the highest priority.
Chelsea is the most loveable, affectionate lab you could ever know & own.  We love her very much.
All our puppies are handled and played with right away, usually as they are born. They get used to kids, company, and
commotion at a young age.  We make sure that each puppy is handled and receives plenty of attention every day.  They
are exposed to bird wings and real birds as soon as their eyes are open and they are ready.  Depending on the season,
they get outside for excersize and exploration as soon as practical.  Our #1 goal is to provide you with a sound, intelligent
puppy that will develop into a dog that will fulfill your needs.